“We will actively promote and enhance the biodiversity of native species in partnership with conservation organisations, universities and experts”

Our Environmental Aims

We want to establish a balance between the sustainable management of habitats reserved exclusively for wildlife, and the sensitive utilisation of the site for commercial, educational and interpretative purposes. We aim to create a balanced mixture of safe wildlife havens as well as areas for people to safely enjoy the site. We will also support the survival of rare breeds of domestic animals and cultivated crops through our experimental archaeology programme. In order to do this we will:


Safeguard existing biodiversity - Enhance the range of habitats where possible - Provide safe access to the public - Educate and inform the public - Support the sustainability of the project as a whole - Monitor and research the success of these activities

The Landscape

Imagine what the countryside was like in the distant past. We plan to, as far as is practical, restore the site to the natural environment as it would have been when the Romans arrived in the area in the middle of the First Century AD. By this time, much of the wild woodland would have been cleared for farming, and we intend to reflect this by developing a mixture of native woodland, open areas and farmland.

Protect Our Park For Future Generations

Merry Xmas to all keep close, keep safe, keep well.

What’s going on at the Park?

Closed till spring 2021
The park has been flat out all year supported by the most amazing committed volunteers and supporters so that we could remain open
Supporting our NHS, Key workers and community through Covid-19 crisis.
Our huge and grateful thanks.
The park is finally starting its transformation from quarry to something very special and much more than just a country park. We are becoming a landscape, last seen by our ancestors. A huge uplift in our ecology, flora and fauna, a broader ecological base to support more diversity of species and vegetation, a place for our mind, soul and body to relax and enjoy, all long planned for.
This is going to require a lot of work and effort by our team with the complete closure of the park till the core work is complete and no public access. This will take at least till spring 2021.
We would greatly appreciate your co-operation and support.
We would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has supported our progress over the, too many years, taken to get to this point.
Our directors past and present, all those monthly Donors, financial supporters, corporate sponsors and supporters. Those who have who been behind the park, the vision and the work, the future legacy.
The future park is going to be amazing. We are all very very excited for work to begin. But not as excited as we are to once again open the gates and reveal the vision to reality.
“What we do in life echoes in eternity”.